Acceleration describes a process very similar to Incubation but with a key difference. An existing team has brought their idea/prototype/team to Archimedes and wishes to engage us in helping bring their vision to fruition. This may involve engineering advice, product advice, business advice or partnership and financing advice, or all four.

Additionally we occasionally make investments into existing companies.

Today we have several accelerated projects. Quixey; Incident Technologies; (sold to GoDaddy); Broomstick Productions; Loop; QFactor; xTV; TapFame; Weendy.

In the past we have invested in the following:

cScape (CSC – AIM Market, London). This was a buy-back after previously selling the company. It was then sold to NetB2B2, a public corporation in London, in August 2000. NetB2B2 subsequently changed its name to cScape.

NetNames – (NBT.L on the London Stock Exchange). This was a seed investment of about $300,000. NetNames was sold to NetBenefit in 1999.

RealNames Corp. this was a seed investment as founders of approximately $500,000. RealNames filed its S1 in late 1999 but failed to complete an IPO due to market conditions.

Red Swoosh. Now part of Akamai. This was a seed stage of investment of around $25,000.

DayLife. This is Upendra Shardanand’s company. Our investment was a seed investment of $25,000. The company recently received a $4m investment from Getty Images.

fotopedia – Jean-Marie Hullot’s company. This was an acceleration project resulting in a Series A funding in which we invested also.