What We Do


We exist to enable ideas to be born, and prosper. Since our founding in 2005 and the formation of TechCrunch the same year, to our most recent initiatives, we have striven to provide a platform where the best ideas and founders can come together and thrive.

From a practical point of view we do 3 things.


We accelerate companies from pre-seed and seed stage to be fundable. Acceleration is our core. About 80% of our effort is here. Today DowntownSunshineLoop SurveyXTVKwicr and Tapfame are all accelerated companies we have worked with. M.dot (sold to GoDaddy) is another. Our model here is not based on investing cash. We work very closely with the founding team to achieve milestones we set together. These may be product goals, operational goals or funding goals. In all cases our goal is to own at least 10% of the stock if the goals are achieved, and our work is to help achieve those goals. If the goal is not achieved we get no equity.

We think this is a great tool for alignment of interests between archimedes and entrepreneurs. A typical acceleration partnership has no set end date, and in that sense is quite different than the current 3 month “demo day” model favored by others. There are no batches and no pre-defined application process. If you like what we do simply reach out and we take it from there.


We incubate ideas developed in-house.  In this case we begin owning 100% of the equity, pay all the bills, and as we build a team we allocate equity to the team. Once outside investors are invited to participate we and the team are diluted. TechCrunch, edgeio, chat.center and ContextPlane are all examples of incubation. At any one time there are 1 or 2 active incubations.


We do investments at pre-seed and seed stage. We have done this with Quixey; Incident Technologies and Broomstick Productions. In this case our equity is equal to the price we pay as a % of the value of the company. We rarely do this. It is not our core.

How to reach out to us.

We have no formal application procedure. You should be either referred by somebody we know or just send an executive summary of your idea to ideas@archimedeslabs.com. We will reach out to you if there is an interest.