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Chat Center is the best way to help customers or friends connect with you for Chat.

You can claim a Chat ID by registering at Once you have a Chat ID you can login to the app and send and receive messages. This name can be expressed as a URL. For example, the Chat Name for Chat Center Customer Care is Anybody who clicks on the name is instantly in a chat with you. Because the name is a URL it can be shared anywhere.

— Businesses can put it on a web site to enable “Click to Chat” for customers.
— It can be placed in an email signature.
— Social Network members can place it in their profile to enable “Click to Chat” from the social network to the name owner. This works great on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Ello for example.
— Including it in blog posts or other web pages,
— Share it in Tweets or Instagram messages,
— Or just share it with customers, friends and family privately.

Our vision is that every business and individual on earth can have a Chat Name that links to their iPhone, allowing each of us to be connected to each other through a simple name.

This approach means that those trying to chat with you do not need to have the Chat Center App. All they need is the name or a link.

Most Names are Free. However we do have Premium Names for $1.99 a month or $19.99 annually. These are short names and familiar names, including Brands and Trademarks, Places, Common Names.

By installing Chat Center on your iPhone or iPad you will get alerts and notifications for all inbound chats.

Of course you can choose to answer or block any chat request.