Chat Center rebrands and moves to SaaS

Chat.Center Announcements

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For Immediate release (Summary)

–Chat.Center is now a full SaaS platform, developers and web site owners can integrate it into their apps and service. There are now 3 methods of integration – simple URL, “Click to Chat” Button and Widget. Live examples at

–The Chat.Center web site is now a fully featured registration and chat service. The iOS app now requires you register on the web site before you can login.

–Chat.Center is no longer freemium; it is a paid service – $1.99 per month per chat ID. Existing accounts get 12 months free. New users get 30 days free. This is extremely competitive pricing (compared to Olark, LivePerson, Intercomm and others).

–We have a new home – Thanks to Donuts registry for their cooperation in partnering with us on the name. The old URL continues to work and will forward to Chat.Center.

–The Chat.Center app is now in the Business category on the app store

–Chat.Center is launching beta group chats today, on the day Friendfeed is closed. will be used in today’s Gillmor Gang show.

— Chat.Center will soon launch its Android App. In the meanwhile Android and other mobile users can use the Web App at



Chat.Center is pleased to make several announcements today. After several months of work the team has now fully completed the work of making the Chat.Center service a full SaaS platform. We have also completed the web client and it is available immediately at It supports full web registration, account management and chat usage.

Alongside this we have updated our iOS client to version 2.0.1 – available in the Business category of the App Store.


Chat.Center is now a paid service, although existing users will continue to enjoy it for free for 12 months. New users get 30 days free and then pay $1.99 per chat ID registered.

Chat ID’s are simple URL’s pointing to a real-time asynchronous chat session with the ID owner. For Example Chat.Center Customer Care can be reached on The Chat ID here is /cc. Chat.Center IDs are perfect for small businesses who want to support customers with a call-center like functionality but cannot justify the cost of an actual call center or help desk. There are millions of Small and Medium Enterprises, Self-Employed individuals and other entities for whom $1.99 a month is an appropriately affordable proce point.

Additionally, as of today Chat.Center can be found on the web at The company has partnered with Donuts – owner of the .center top-level domain – and will use Chat.Center from now on. Dan Schindler, co-founder and EVP at Donuts said:

“We are thrilled to partner with Chat.Center for its domain name. Chat Center – through its Chat IDs and Mobile clients – shows the enduring relevance of domain names in a mobile world. And what a great use for a domain name and URL. It isn’t just a web site, it is a full SaaS chat service available to every individual business and organization on the planet – no matter how small. Chat.Center’s IDs are a seamless way for businesses to offer customers a way to reach them.”

Finally, Chat.Center is announcing that is now supports group chat – in a beta implementation. Founder Keith Teare said:

“Today is the day that Friendfeed will close. It has long been my favorite group chat service. As of today The Gillmor Gang, a long standing user of Friendfeed, will be able to continue live group chats alongside the Friday show at This is a simple Chat ID that can be shared in Tweets, on Facebook and anywhere, as a URL. Users simply click and are in the chat. All Chat.Center IDs work this way. We look forward to providing real time chat to many customers in the months ahead.”



For more information please contact Keith Teare:


Donuts is at


TechCrunch article at: 

Chat Center Upgrades to SAAS – Version 2 now in App store

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In an email to users the company said:

Today we made  a major update of the app and all our other systems. Until you install the new version your app will not work. Please go to the app store on your IOS device and update the app.

We now charge all new Chat Center users $1.99/month per Chat ID. As an existing user you will receive 12 months free, starting from today.

The new app has many new features. Most importantly it has a new address The old address will continue to work, but your chat name is now
We have especially optimized the app for business use. You can put your name on your web site, in email campaigns and indeed even your business card. See the app store for more details.

For the full update go to There is now a full web version, including registration. Indeed, the app is only usable by those who register on the web site for an account.

Weendy becomes Sunshine and raises $1.7m seed round

Congratulations to portfolio company Weendy. Katerina Stroponiati and Yiannis Varelas’ startup now counts AOL, Great Oaks, Winklevoss Capital, BBG Ventures and Morado Venture Partners among its investor base.

At the same time Weendy has re-branded to The Sunshine Company (or just plain Sunshine) and is working to launch a major new product.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 4.04.46 PM